Who Are GDD?

GDD provides services to the geological and mining sectors in the areas of data management, consulting and training. We have an abundance of experience in the technical aspects of the industry and specialize in the collection, management and analysis of mining and geological data. We utilise the best current technologies to help our clients gain a competitive edge by using their data to its full potential. We also can offer support, development and training in a range of geological, mining and database skills.  Read More...

Our Philosophy

The one constant that underpins the myriad of activities that support and enable exploration and mining projects throughout their life, (the Mining Lifecycle) is the technical data on which all significant decisions are based. The following observations reflect our philosophy at GDD as to how that data should be managed.

Why? NOT because we are fixated on making sure everything is correct, but because if you do a job efficiently and well in the first place, you generally then only have to do it once, which makes things happen not only faster, but with a greater degree of confidence, which means it will cost less in the long run, but more importantly do more to ensure the success (and profitability) of the project!  Read More...

What is the GDD Difference?

  • Our high quality systems are built to assist in every single stage of the mining life cycle.
  • We have real experience in geology and mining.
  • We focus our efforts on research and development to deliver the best new systems.
  • GDD shares knowledge with clients to help them take care of their data asset.
  • We believe in doing it right and doing it once.
  • It is GDD's vision is to help companies to:
    • understand the true value of their data
    • effectively collect, manage and analyse their data
    • and ultimately save time and money leading to increased profits.

GDD History

For nearly 30 years Geological Data Design has provided geological and mining data management services to numerous organisations in the resources sector, both here in Australia, and in typical geological environments like Saudi Arabia, Papua New Guinea, Morocco and Tibet, as well as London, Los Angeles and Whistler.

GDD was incorporated in 1984, as part of Software Design Consultants Pty. Ltd., as a way to specifically facilitate the mining and geological industries with the high level systems we had to offer. The principal of GDD can draw on long and extensive experience in both exploration and mining in a number of countries to effectively understand the needs of our clients.

Our Clients

Over the years, GDD have worked with a range of clients for various projects across the geology and mining industries.  Some of the clients we have worked with include:

  • Allgas Energy
  • Australian Coal Industries Research Laboratory (ACIRL)
  • BCS (MIM's Computer Services Division)
  • Bougainville Copper
  • Capricorn Coal Management Ltd
  • Castlemaine Perkins Ltd
  • Collinsville Coal
  • Hamersley Iron
  • Kidston Gold Mines
  • Marcopper (Philippines)
  • Minproc Engineering
  • Misima Gold Mines (PNG)
  • Nabalco Ltd (Gove)
  • Pacific Coal
  • Placer Dome Incorporated (Canada)
  • Placer Exploration Limited
  • Porgera Joint Venture (PNG)
  • Queensland Corrective Services Commission
  • Queensland Geological Services
  • Red Dome Gold Mines
  • South Blackwater Coal Mine
  • Tarong Coal