What is gPick?

gPick is a collection of applications that work over a centralized database. We have applications for every stage of the mining life cycle, across a range of commodities.

Many of the features built into our data management systems are available by default in all of our database application systems, as well as the custom systems that we develop for clients.

These are the distinguishing features that make our systems so different. The features can be broken down into three key areas:


  • collect all your data directly into your primary technical database, while still in the field
  • familiar intuitive data forms
  • pragmatic real-time integration
  • collect additional unstructured data (e.g. photos, hand written or voice notes, videos, drawings, screen captures, device measurements) and 'tag' them to the current data collection record for inherent recall
  • track location against reference maps
  • attach Notes, Alerts and Tasks to your data for follow-up
  • broad, context-sensitive editable help system
  • powerful, configurable data importing functions
  • two-way configurable synchronisation even when in the field


  • intuitive, flexible and configurable forms-based system
  • graphical feedback in forms
  • attach Notes, Alerts and Tasks to your data for follow-up
  • data integrity, auditing and change tracking
  • QA/QC monitoring and reporting
  • regular tasks scheduler
  • clear pro-active error management
  • user access control
  • application style configuration
  • easy deployment and updates


  • powerful data integration
  • query multiple related tables
  • save & recall your query functions
  • synchronised photo and log displays
  • broad and flexible reporting functions
  • data exporting and linking

Have a look and see the difference for yourself.