GDD have been providing on-site technical training in exploration, evaluation, mining and data management for over 30 years.

Our aim is to provide practical, application oriented courses, to assist your operation to gain maximum benefit from the investment you make both in the data you collect, and the computing tools you use.

GDD provide a wide range of training courses focussed on the data collection, management and analysis areas of exploration and mining, including data evaluation and resource and reserve estimation, review and auditing.

The practical training courses are offered in the following general areas:

Geological, Evaluation and Mining Skills and Practices

GDD has staff who hold the relevant qualifications and experience as outlined under the JORC standards, and perform resources and reserves estimates, reviews and due diligence audits on gold, iron ore, coal and base metals deposits.

Currently the following range of courses covering these areas can be provided –

  • Sampling and Sample Management in Exploration and Mining
  • Designing and Managing Drilling Programs
  • Statistical and Geostatistical Analysis
  • Mineral Resource Estimation
  • Ore Reserve Estimation
  • JORC and other Reporting Standards

With increasing demands for procedural and data compliance to JORC standards, can you risk not having your deposit certified as a Reserve?

Geological, Evaluation and Mining Systems

Over the years GDD has worked consistently with many of the main-stream exploration and mining applications.

Due to this experience, we can offer courses in the following:

  • GIS Systems
    • Manifold
    • MapInfo
  • CAD and Graphics
    • AutoCAD
    • CorelDraw
    • WellCAD
  • Mining Systems
    • MineScape
    • Vulcan
    • Datamine
    • Surpac
  • Statistics and Geostatistics
    • OP System
    • GsLib
    • Isatis
    • SPSS
    • MatLab
    • SAS

Technical Data Management Skills

Your technical database is the only connection to your primary asset.

A failure to maintain an accurate and auditable database on which your mineral resource and ore reserves estimates are based, can lead to significant delays to your projects.

Not only can GDD provide training in the required data storage, validation and integrity checking protocols and procedures, we can also check your existing systems and advise where work is required to achieve compliance with the relevant resources and reserves reporting standards.

GDD also offer a range of SQL training courses to enable you to manage and extract value from the data you have, and get the answers you need.

Again, a GDD goal is to help you become self-reliant, and able to deal with the database administration tasks in house. It's fine having the best database on the planet when it is first set for you, but like a motor vehicle, without the required 'routine maintenance' the performance and reliability can suffer over time, leading to frustration, and often a falling integrity as users lose patience.

The training courses offered, range from the basics of technical data management and SQL, to skills in specific database management systems, database administration and advanced data manipulation.

  • Data Management Skills
    • Introduction to Data Management
    • Introduction to Relational Databases
    • New Database Technologies and ‘Big Data’
    • Advanced Data Management Skills
  • Data Querying
    • Introduction to SQL
    • Advanced SQL
    • Database Query Tools
  • Database Management Systems
    • SQL Server
    • Access
    • Ingres
    • Vectorwise (Paracel)
    • Progress
    • Sybase
    • Oracle
  • Database Administration
    • Database Maintenance
    • Validation and Integrity Checking
    • Auditing and Change Tracking
    • Backups, Checkpoints and Journaling

Give us a call and ask us about your specific needs.

The best bit is that we don't teach you on databases that have Employees and Managers and Orders and Line Items....

We teach you on a database that has rocks, drill holes, blast holes, assays, and surveys; data that’s relevant and meaningful to your tasks.

Database Design and Application Development

Using a database, interrogating it and maintaining it, is one thing. Building a database or application is another thing entirely.

Database Design

If you think there isn't a hard earned skill in constructing, configuring and implementing your database so it supports your mining, resources or reserves data to auditable standards - don't bank on it.

Whether you are going to use an 'off the shelf' resources oriented database, or a conventional relational database like SQL Server, Ingres or Access; failing to provide a robust and competent design can cause enormous problems, once you start to load in the volumes of data that you know need to be stuffed in there!

With more than 30 years of experience and training in database technologies, and having built databases ranging from small to enormous, GDD can help you in the considered and structured design of your database needs, whether they be -

  • Geological
  • Mine Engineering
  • Ore Reserves 
  • Grade Control
  • Production Reporting
  • Geotechnical
  • Environmental

Apart from these traditional SQL databases, we can also help you with some of the new technology databases such as Vectorwise (Paracel), in which you can create databases of billions of records, that can be searched and interrogated in a matter of minutes.

Application Development

And for the completely masochistic geologists, mining engineers and other pioneers out there, we can provide training services for those who want to roll their own.....

Whether it be for desktop, laptop, web deployed, or mobile devices, GDD can show you how to create your own applications on Windows or Unix, in the current .Net VB or C#, database development environment, as well automation techniques in the various MS Office and other desktop and mobile device tools.

GDD have developed an extensive set of tools or 'components' which can be used to more rapidly develop custom applications with great flexibility and robustness.

IT Systems and Systems Administration

All the SQL training, and skills in looking after your databases are not going to be much use, if your staff lack the basic skills, on remote mine sites, to look after the boxes on which your databases are hosted.

GDD provides a series of training courses to equip your team with the skills to set up and run their system competently.

Our courses, among other things cover:

  • Introduction to systems administration
  • Introduction to hardware
  • Structure of file systems
  • Installing hardware and operating systems
  • Introduction to networks
  • Backups, archives and disaster recovery planning
  • System monitoring tools
  • Monitoring and managing security
  • Troubleshooting

Practical "Hands On" Courses

Both theoretical and practical aspects of the subjects are covered, enabling participants to make full use of the software, and at the same time understand what they are doing; an essential part of getting the most from any system. Training can be completed either on site or in our offices in Brisbane.

On Site Training:

  • Can be provided based on operational aspects and data from your operations.
  • Can be fitted around operational requirements and work schedules.
  • It has the disadvantage that staff can be disrupted by site problems.

Off Site Training:

  • Enables course-work to be completed in a continuous and focussed manner.
  • Provides an opportunity for interaction with peers from other organisations.
  • A downside is that staff are absent from site for that period.