GDD provides solutions for both in the office and in the field. Our team are highly experienced in the areas of IT as well as geology and mining. We have the necessary skills to ensure your data meets the requirements of ore reserves auditing as well as JORC standards. We have the ability to manage data of any size and take on tasks of any magnitude to meet your data requirements :


gPick is a collection of applications that work over a centralized database. We have applications for every stage of the mining life cycle, across a range of commodities.

Many of the features built into our data management systems are available by default in all of our database application systems, as well as the custom systems that we develop for clients.

Use gPick to collect, manage and analyse your data, to maximise profit by making the most of your important data asset. 


GeoUte is the name we have given to the administrative utilties we have created. These utilites are little applications that you can install and run on your PC to make your life a whole lot easier when dealing with the multitude of files on your computer.